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Misty Morn Cottages – Hospitality From The Heart

Misty Morn

Service And Hospitality From The Heart

Our cottages are centrally located to several wedding venues, offering just the kind of stay any family would need before and after a wedding. We are also on the brim of one of the most popular cycling routes in the Cradle area, allowing dad a good workout over the weekend, while mom and kids can relax at our beautiful swimming pool.

Misty Morn has five fully equipped, spacious cottages, existing of a small to medium size kitchen, living area with either a bunk bed or sleeper couch, a main bedroom and bathroom. Our bathrooms are all fitted with a bath as well as a shower, with the exemption of one with a luxurious double shower. Our self-catering accommodation offers guests a comfortable pleasant stay away from home. Guests can wander to the top of the hill behind the premises; and with a glass of wine in hand enjoy the picturesque view of the greater Johannesburg.


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